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Squid Ink Linguine with Crab pasta in a pasta bowl with crab and tomatoes wine sauce.

Quick and Easy Crab Linguine (Linguine Nero di Seppia al Granchio Blu)

This crab pasta is perfect for any seafood lover! Lucious linguine tossed in a silky white wine crab sauce (Italian granchio blu) — this restaurant-quality seafood pasta has everything you could want flavor wise. Based on a Venetian crab pasta dish from one of our favorite restaurants here in Venice […]

A side by side photo of raw blue Italian crabs on the left and bright orange cooked Italian crabs on the right.

The Easiest Way To Cook Blue Crabs (Granchio Blu Facile)

This is your one-stop shop for how to buy, cook, and pick blue crabs!  Whether it’s Maryland blue crabs (Chesapeake Bay Crabs) or the now-infamous Italian Granchio Blu, you’ll find all you need to know right here. Blue crabs are delicious and can be boiled in just 5 minutes, or […]

A beautiful bowl of paccheri pasta with shrimp and zucchini in a tomato and white wine sauce.

Paccheri Pasta (With Shrimp and Zucchini Sugo)

This paccheri recipe (aka Paccheri con Sugo di Gamberi e Zucchine) was inspired by a handful of paccheri pasta dishes from one of our favorite restaurants in Venice, Italy (Antiche Carampane). Toothsome “slappy” tube-shaped paccheri gets paired with a simple seafood sauce as it’s often served here in the coastal regions […]

Har Gow dumplings drizzled with homemade sichuan crispy chili oil.

Har Gow Shrimp Dumplings 虾饺 (The Ultimate Guide with Video)

This har gow recipe with its juicy shrimp filling and translucent dumpling wrappers is the queen of all dumplings and it’s easier than ever to make! Crystal shrimp dumplings can be found at dim sum parlors around the world from Maxim’s Palace in Hong Kong (so delicious!) or Nom Wah […]

argentinian red shrimp perfectly cooked on a grill pan

4-Minute Perfectly Grilled Argentinian Red Shrimp

If you’ve seen our post on how to perfectly pan-sear shrimp, you know we love sweet Argentinian Red shrimp for their delicate texture and their natural sweetness. For this grilled red shrimp recipe, we add a bit of delicious smoky flavor to them before a quick 4-minute cook in a […]

Easy 6-Minute Pan-Seared Soy Ginger Miso Salmon (w/Crispy Skin)

This Pan-Seared Soy Ginger Miso Salmon marinates for just 20 minutes, but it packs a really big flavor punch thanks to some of our favorite Asian pantry staples. This is a fresh, bright take on cooking salmon at home and it’s full of texture in every bite — from sliced […]

A pasta bowl filled with lemongrass prawn risotto topped with 3 pan seared red prawns and chives.

25-Minute Lemongrass Prawn Risotto (Shrimp Risotto)

This Ultra Creamy Shrimp risotto is perfumed with lemongrass and topped with 4-minute pan-seared prawns! Using Italian Carnaroli risotto rice from the Po River Delta adds extra creaminess to this risotto dish while sautéed aromatics like lemongrass, garlic, scallions, shallots, and just a hint of fresh ginger perfume this risotto […]

a pasta bowl plate filled with spring green asparagus risotto with three pan seared spears and three pan seared scallops on top with a sprinkling of crumbled crispy-fried prosciutto on top

Asparagus Risotto w/Pan-Seared Scallops & Crispy Speck

This creamy Italian Risotto with Asparagus recipe (Risotto con Asparagi, Speck Fritto e Capesante) is one of the most delicious things we make every spring when fresh asparagus first starts popping up at all the markets. We’ve topped this healthy, hearty bright green risotto with pan-seared sea scallops and crumbled […]

shrimp gratin baked up with a cheesy crispy crust on top of seasoned shrimp in a scallop shell

10-Minute Easy Italian Shrimp Au Gratin (Gamberi Gratinati)

Sweet local shrimp get the full Italian “gratinate” treatment in this simple and elegant shrimp recipe. And just like those Diver scallops au gratin we made a while back, this is one of the easiest seafood dishes there is to make. Tender seasoned shrimp resting under a crispy blanket of […]

pan seared shrimp in a pan full of cream tomato alfredo

Easy Spicy Tomato-Alfredo and Shrimp Pasta (Anniversary Pasta)

If you love Classic Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo pasta we think you’ll really enjoy this delicious creamy zippier version filled with pan-seared shrimp smothered in a velvety tomato-alfredo sauce. It all starts with a quick homemade clarified shrimp-butter, then a little heavy cream, Grana Padano cheese, scallions, and garlic. It’s so good! […]

four Argentinian Red Shrimp dusted each with a different type of flour or cornmeal on an Epicurean Cutting board and a line of masking tape below the lined up shrimp indicating what has been used on each shrimp in the lineup

Featherlight Fried Shrimp 4 Ways (Tested So You Don’t Have To)

In the mood for fried shrimp, but not sure how to coat them? If it’s feather-light crispy fried shrimp you’re after, we’ve got 4 ways to get you there all while allowing the flavor of sweet Argentinian red shrimp to remain front and center, not to mention tender — A […]

Luv Ya Heart - NYC Gallery

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas That Feel Fancy (but Not Cheesy)

If you and your Valentine decided to avoid the crowds and celebrate at home this year and you need a recipe that feels a little bit special…without feeling like a walking romcom cliché. Lucky for you, Cupid’s got you covered.  Whether you’re loving yourself or someone else this year we’ve […]

perfectly steamed Mussels Guazetto

Mussels in Tomato & White Wine Garlic Sauce (Guazzetto di Cozze)

This steamed mussels recipe uses plump fresh black Sardinian mussels steamed in a tomato, white wine, and garlic sauce — and it only takes 15 minutes for the whole meal to come together! You’ll need to clean, de-beard, and soak the mussels ahead of time, but with a little planning […]

the most delicious creamy shrimp alfredo pasta ready to eat with huge red Argentinian shrimp on top of a zigzag regional egg pasta

Easy Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta Recipe (w/Parmigiano Cream)

Shrimp alfredo pasta is made with sautéed garlic shrimp, tossed in a Parmigiano-Reggiano cream sauce with chewy ribbons of Italian egg pasta. It’s a restaurant-quality pasta alfredo recipe that’s so delicious, simple to make, and won’t leave you feeling like you need to take a nap. Sweet Argentinian red shrimp […]