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Everyone loves dessert. And we’re here for you with our most delicious and tempting treats sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. If you’re like us, you believe in a little moderation, so you’ll find a few healthier treats that still taste great and fill any craving you’re having.


Simple and Delicious Mascarpone Apple Torte

This lightly spiced sweet golden Apple Torte is simple to make and delicious. We especially enjoy it in the summer months when we’re craving something a little bit sweet but nothing too heavy to round out a nice meal. Creamy mascarpone cheese pairs perfectly with sweet apples and shortbread cookie […]

Arkansas Possum Pie decorated on top with whipped cream and toasted pecan halves and chopped pecans

Best Ever Arkansas Possum Pie (100% Scratch-Made)

Possums are known as total fakers playing dead as it suits them when survival’s at stake. So what do this famous Arkansas Possum Pie from my home state and those real possums with Oscar-worthy acting skills have in common? They both know how to hide what’s going on underneath all […]

top down view of chocolate chip banana bread on a pink marble serving tray (two pieces cut and the remaining loaf at the end)

Best Ever Milk Chocolate Chip-Coconut Banana Bread Recipe

If you’re looking for a bakery-style chocolate chip banana bread recipe this one satisfies every kind of chocolatey banana craving you might be having.  I’ve used our classic banana bread cake recipe for the base and thrown in some mini milk chocolate chips and topped it with freeze-dried coconut flakes […]

delicious sliced banana nut bread on a cutting board

Easy and Moist Pistachio-Pecan Banana Nut Bread

Piistachio-pecan banana bread is full of crunchy toasted pecans and topped with freeze-dried Sicilian pistachios to add a delicious nutty surprise to our all-time favorite classic banana bread recipe. For those of you who have already made this (super moist) banana bread you know that adding nuts could only ever […]

crispy flaky golden brown strawberry-rhubarb fried pies sprinkled with homemade strawberry sugar

Crispy + Flaky Southern Strawberry-Rhubarb Fried Pies (Best Ever Hand Pies)

This is our all-time family favorite fried pie dough filled with delicious homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie filling.  If you enjoyed our Southern Fried Cherry Pies, we think you’re going to really love this version too♡.  Fried to perfection, this light and flaky buttermilk pastry dough is filled with a classic pairing […]

Best Ever Colomba French Toast (Italian Easter Bread French Toast)

This weekend French Toast recipe starts with a delicious homemade strawberry-apricot white chocolate Italian Easter Colomba that soaks in a silky vanilla bean custard and gets cooked in butter until golden brown. We always make enough Colomba that we have leftovers for brunch. We usually even freeze a few slices […]

a glass Weck tulip jar filled with strawberry blood orange sauce on a pink and gold vintage venetian wooden tray with the lime green mini cypress trees behind it

15-Minute Homemade Strawberry-Blood Orange Sauce

This easy homemade strawberry-blood orange sauce is a super tasty way to top all your favorite cheesecakes, pancakes, french toast, strawberry shortcake scones, and ice cream sundaes. Avoid buying storebought syrups or sauces which can be full of preservatives and loaded with sugar because all you need is fresh (or […]

sliced strawberry banana bread cake sliced

Best Ever Strawberry Banana Bread Bread Cake

Sweet summer strawberries are a perfect match when paired with our favorite classic banana bread recipe.  For those of you who have already made this easy (super moist) banana bread recipe, you know that adding strawberries could only ever be a good thing. This recipe couldn’t be easier to make, […]