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Pies + Cobblers + Crostate

Cobblers and pies have been a staple in my life — as in, there was never a single celebration that didn’t include one or the other, and usually both. I come from a long line of excellent pie makers and have fallen in love with Italian crostate, so you can be sure if I’ve added the recipe here, it’s definitely a keeper.


a golden brown lattice-topped cherry crostata di marmellata with hearts

Easy Authentic Italian Crostata di Marmellata (Italian Jam Tart)

Crostata di Marmellata is one of my favorite simple Italian desserts because it tastes great and it’s easy to make (even for beginner bakers). Don’t let the simplicity of this traditional jam tart recipe fool you — it’s delicious. There are two components of fruity Italian jam tarts: “pasta frolla” […]

beautifully golden brown toasted coconut cream pie with large pieces of hand shaved coconut on meringue topping

Best Ever Triple Coconut Cream Pie with Mile-High Meringue Topping

This homemade diner-style coconut cream pie recipe with mile-high meringue is 100% made from scratch with triple the coconut flavor! A super flaky homemade pie crust filled with perfectly thickened coconut cream custard made with milk and coconut milk, topped with pillowy meringue and freshly shaved coconut that toasts up […]

Arkansas Possum Pie decorated on top with whipped cream and toasted pecan halves and chopped pecans

Best Ever Arkansas Possum Pie (100% Scratch-Made)

Possums are known as total fakers playing dead as it suits them when survival’s at stake. So what do this famous Arkansas Possum Pie from my home state and those real possums with Oscar-worthy acting skills have in common? They both know how to hide what’s going on underneath all […]

crispy flaky golden brown strawberry-rhubarb fried pies sprinkled with homemade strawberry sugar

Crispy + Flaky Southern Strawberry-Rhubarb Fried Pies (Best Ever Hand Pies)

This is our all-time family favorite fried pie dough filled with delicious homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie filling.  If you enjoyed our Southern Fried Cherry Pies, we think you’re going to really love this version too♡.  Fried to perfection, this light and flaky buttermilk pastry dough is filled with a classic pairing […]

my hand holding a cherry fried pie wonton with a bite taken out and it's gloriously cherry red filling exposed inside

Lucky Lunar New Year Fried Cherry Pie “Wontons”

Happy Lunar New Year to my family and friends in China, NYC, and Australia! I love and miss you all ♡. This dessert is dedicated to you. May it bring you luck, prosperity, good health, and a whole lot of love. Start the Year off right and surprise your loved […]

pecan pumpkin tart in the sunlight

All-Natural Kabocha Pumpkin Pie Tart w/Pecan Crunch (no canned pumpkin)

This all-natural Kabocha pumpkin pie pecan tart is a cross between a classic pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Oven-roasted Kabocha squash gives this pumpkin pie recipe a natural sweetness and nuttiness right out of the gate.  Add velvety smooth mascarpone, a little heavy cream, homemade pumpkin pie spice, and this […]

6 golden fried pies resting on a cooling rack

Crispy + Flaky Southern Fried Cherry Pies (Best Ever)

These are possibly the best fried pies you may ever eat♡.  Fried to perfection, this light and flaky buttermilk dough is filled with homemade sweet cherry pie filling and dusted with powdered sugar with a hint of cinnamon.  The “secret ” ingredient in the dough makes these cherry hand pies […]