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Spice Blends

homemade chipotle in adobo sauce just mixed in a glass bowl sitting on top of a brightly painted terra cotta Mexican artwork plate

How to Make Easy 2-Minute Chipotle in Adobo Sauce

If you’re in the mood to make your favorite chipotle recipes like tinga tacos or other Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes but don’t have a can of chipotle in adobo sauce lying around — don’t fret. You can get the same spicy, tangy, smoked jalapeño flavors with this easy DIY version. […]

a small glass Weck jar with homemade BBQ seasoning spice rub in it

3-Minute Easy Homemade BBQ Spice Rub (Best Barbecue Dry Rub)

This all-purpose BBQ seasoning recipe adds a smoky southern barbecue flavor to everything from grilled chicken, to pork ribs, turkey, shrimp, tofu, and even vegetables. We love this house blend because you can add it to just about anything whether you’re smoking, roasting, pan-searing, or grilling. And it’s a great […]

Shawarma spice blend on a plate in individual mounds not yet mixed together

Easy 3-Minute Shawarma Seasoning (Tastes Great on Everything)

Make a quick batch of this easy DIY shawarma seasoning to flavor all of your favorite Middle Eastern-inspired dishes including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, falafel, fish, chickpeas, or even tofu. We’re partial to this house blend of spices because it’s warm, smoky, spicy, tangy, and incredibly well-balanced with no one […]

pumpkin pie spice on two spoons (one spoon has McCormick's brand pumpkin pie spice and the other is my homemade spice blend with a small bottle of McCormick's in the background and also a small Weck hermetic jar containing my homemade pumpkin spice each behind their respective spoons

How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice (McCormick’s Copycat)

With just 4 ingredients, this homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice recipe couldn’t be easier to make (or taste more like the original). This pumpkin spice blend is based on my all-time favorite — McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice. The balance of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice makes a perfect addition to all […]