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Cakes + Tortes

Homemade cake makes every celebration more special! Here you’ll find cakes in all kinds of delicious flavors and sizes for everyone from beginner bakers to more seasoned pros. If you’re looking for a classic layer cake recipe, carrot cake, chocolate cake, and scratch-made strawberry cake are some of the most popular recipes. But you’ll also find recipes for bundt cakes, apple-rum cakes, pound cakes, and many more!

Purple blueberry muffin batter in foil cupcake liners in a muffin tin covered with crunchy sugar crumb topping just before baking.

Very Berry Frutti di Bosco Muffins w/Crackle Top

These very purple very berry muffins not only look pretty, but they taste amazing. Super tender crumb, with crunchy-sugary tops, eat them warm, room temperature, or cold — it makes no difference. And these berry-filled sweet treats only seem to get better with time. Unlike a lot of baked goods, […]

A mini devil's food cake bundt cake showing the bottom and how moist it is with a slight sheen and part of the inner crumb revealed showing how super crazy moist the cake is. .

Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake ( A Vintage Cake Made 100% From Scratch )

This slightly modernized vintage Devil’s Food Cake recipe is 100% made from scratch but is as moist as a boxed cake recipe. It’s rich, super chocolatey, and hands down the most tender (and moist) chocolate cake devil’s food cake I’ve ever eaten. This recipe comes from a vintage cookbook in […]