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There’s so much more to Italian cuisine than just our favorite pasta recipes (even if we really love pasta). Here, you’ll find it all — from ‘risi e bisi’ and baccalà mantecato, to chicken Milanese and risotto.  We have plenty of delicious regional Italian dishes to add a whole new level of comfort and conversation to your dinner table.


classic italian tomato sauce

Simple and Velvety Italian Tomato Passata Sauce

This naturally (intensely) sweet tomato Passata Sauce recipe is in a word, delicious. We use it for making all kinds of toothsome pasta dishes and in some of our favorite lasagnas. You can use any type of jarred tomato purée for this recipe, but today (and for as long as […]

Speck and Asparagus lasagna just out of the oven

Italian Speck & Asparagus Lasagna (w/Asparagus Béchamel & Zucchini Crema)

This creamy, cheesy, slightly smoky, tomatoey asparagus and speck lasagna recipe is part of my yearly spring tradition of creating a seasonal asparagus-inspired Italian pasticcio. This lasagna is filled with layers of pan-seared asparagus, delicate slices of Italian Speck (plus a little crispy-fried Speck for even more flavor), intensely sweet […]

a ladle full of deep red tomato pasta sauce

How to Make Simple Classic Italian Tomato Sauce for Pasta

If you need a quick and easy tomato sauce for pasta this recipe is the most essential (and delicious) of them all.  Made with basic pantry staples — a jar (or can) of high-quality San Marzano (or Mutti brand tomatoes), extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, and a little carrot, […]

pan seared shrimp in a pan full of cream tomato alfredo

Spicy Shrimp Tomato-Alfredo Sauce w/Rigatoni (Anniversary Pasta)

If you love Classic Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo pasta we think you’ll really enjoy this delicious creamy zippier version filled with pan-seared shrimp smothered in a velvety tomato-alfredo sauce. It all starts with a quick homemade clarified shrimp-butter, then a little heavy cream, Grana Padano cheese, scallions, and garlic. It’s so good! […]

perfectly steamed Mussels Guazetto

Guazzetto di Cozze (Mussels in Tomato + White Wine Garlic Sauce)

Cooking mussels at home is easy and makes a tasty, quick, and nutritious meal for the entire family.  Plump fresh black mussels are steamed in a tomato, white wine, and garlic sauce and it only takes 15 minutes for the whole meal to come together. You’ll need to clean, de-beard, […]

the most delicious creamy shrimp alfredo pasta ready to eat with huge red Argentinian shrimp on top of a zigzag regional egg pasta

Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta Recipe (w/Parmigiano Cream Sauce)

Shrimp alfredo pasta is made with sautéed garlic shrimp, tossed in a Parmigiano-Reggiano cream sauce with chewy ribbons of Italian egg pasta. It’s a restaurant-quality pasta alfredo recipe that’s so delicious, simple to make, and won’t leave you feeling like you need to take a nap. Sweet Argentinian red shrimp […]

a shallow platter with perfectly cooked tender shrimp scampi with butter and olive oil, sliced scallions and parsley

Delicious Shrimp Scampi for Two (or a Crowd)

This is the best shrimp scampi recipe and it’s ready in just under 15 minutes! Tender sweet shrimp covered in a buttery, garlicky blanket of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, scallions, parsley, and a hint of red pepper flakes — Seafood perfection on a plate. This shrimp recipe is not only a house […]

Easy Pumpkin Focaccia Bread (Focaccia alla Zucca)

This all-natural homemade Focaccia Pumpkin bread recipe is the perfect way to use one of our favorite squashes — the Japanese Kabocha. With just a few basic ingredients this ultra-soft (pumpkin-colored) squishy Italian bread is ready for making focaccia pizza, panini with prosciutto + mozzarella, or served alongside your favorite […]

a bowl full of Reginelle tagliatelle pasta which is a tagliatelle egg pasta with zigzagged edges (with a beautiful beef ragù mixed in)

Tagliatelle al Ragù (Northern Italian Beef Ragù w/Pasta)

Northern Italy is known for its varied and delicious ragùs. And this classic beef ragù comes from Emilia-Romagna. A region that you may know as the gastronomic powerhouse where Ragù alla Bolognese, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, tortellini, and balsamic vinegar all come from — just to name a few. […]

closeup of baked ziti with tomatoes and cheese covered pasta noodles some gooey and some crispy

Baked Ziti with Ragù (from Scratch)

If you’re looking for a warm, cozy pasta dish to make right now, this piping hot, ooey-gooey (easy) baked ziti recipe is the one. With its beefy Italian ragù, perfectly chewy pasta, fresh mozzarella, and Parmigiano cheese it’s pasta al forno the whole family will love. This is a great […]

closeup of a braiser dish filled with spaghetti with zucchini and Grana Padano cheese

Simple & Delicious Pasta alle Zucchine (Spaghetti with Zucchini)

This classic Italian zucchini pasta is perfect for busy weeknight dinners or when you’re fridge is nearly empty. If you’ve got spaghetti and zucchini, you’re more than halfway there. Pan-seared zucchini rounds, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and a little grated Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese are all you need to […]