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00 flour perfect pizza dough with pizza toppings (homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella, mozzarella di bufula)

Best Thick-Crust Pizza Dough Recipe (Using 00 Flour)

This crispy and tender easy thick-crust pizza dough recipe is made using our favorite 00 flour pizza dough recipe and it makes the best thick-crust pizza! We’re surrounded by delicious pizza here in Italy, but we also make homemade pizza at least once a month (sometimes more often) because it’s […]

top down view into a mason canning jar filled with pizza sauce from scratch.

Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe (With Video)

This pizza sauce recipe uses just 4 ingredients (plus salt) and is so simple to make you won’t ever need to buy store-bought pizza sauce again. In fact, this is the best pizza sauce recipe ever for any kind of homemade pizza (except, of course, Neapolitan pizza and classic Italian […]

Sliced Super crispy homemade sausage and onion pizza just taken out of the oven.

Best Thin-Crust Pizza Dough Recipe (Using Bread Flour)

This easy bread flour pizza dough recipe uses just 6 simple ingredients (5 if you omit the sugar — read on to find out what difference it makes). This thin homemade pizza crust is one of the best reasons to keep bread flour on hand and skip delivery! Adapted from […]

Super crispy sliced whole wheat Supreme pizza with green olives, spicy ventricina salami, salsiccia, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and onions.

Best Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe (For Thin Crust Pizza)

Adapted from my 00 flour pizza dough recipe, this easy whole wheat pizza dough comes together with 6 simple ingredients (5 if you omit the sugar). And it makes a perfect light and crispy thin-crust pizza that bakes up in just 8 minutes every time. In fact, this is one […]

Homemade thin crust pizza with pioppini mushrooms, salame piccante (like spicy pepperonit but larger and way better tasting), halved large shallots, mozzarella and bufula mozzarella and prosciutto cotto (Italian ham)

Ultimate Thin-Crust 00 Flour Pizza Dough Recipe

Living in Italy has its perks — one of them being that we can order delicious pizza pretty much anytime we want. But even with this tasty option, we make a lot of homemade pizza including this easy 6-ingredient 00 flour pizza dough which is one of our favorite recipes […]

pizza fritte with burrata, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, and prosciutto di Parma on top

Authentic Italian Pizza Fritta (Pizzonte Frittelle Abruzzese)

Abruzzo Frittella (or pizz’onta as it’s called in dialect) is the best fried pizza you’ve likely never had. This sneaky good crispy-on-the-outside, super soft, and puffy-on-the-inside fried pizza is delicious. In fact, I can say it’s one of the best breads I’ve probably ever eaten. Golden brown shallow-fried dough sprinkled with […]

Pepperoni topped pizza in the shape of a heart that's been cut in a zigzag down the middle and slightly separated to reveal a broken heart pizza

20-Minute Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza

If you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day dinner recipe, this homemade heart-shaped no-yeast pizza is delicious and quick to make. With its super crispy thin crust, and ooey-gooey toppings, it’s a total heartbreaker and it only takes 10 minutes to prep and just about 10 minutes to bake.  So, if […]

whole Wheat St. Louis Style pizza with freshly torn buffalo mozzarella, sauce, onions, and homemade pork sausage drizzled with olive oil after being baked and cut into squares

Easy 20-Minute Thin & Crispy St. Louis-Style Whole Wheat Pizza

If you love thin-crust pizza but have just about zero time for cooking it from scratch and you’re trying to eat just a bit healthier, this St. Louis-Style whole wheat pizza recipe is for you. Whether you’re just really busy or trying to eat a few less refined carbs, this […]

Thin and crispy sausage and onion St. Louis Style Pizza with a crispy cracker crust.

Best 20-Minute Thin and Crispy St. Louis-Style Pizza (No-Yeast )

If you’ve never made St. Louis-Style crispy thin-crust pizza, you’re in for a treat with this super delicious easy no-yeast pizza recipe. Whether you’re just really busy or have some fussy eaters, this is the perfect quick and easy homemade pizza recipe for the whole family. Forget the stodgy, dry-crusted […]