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A stack of 3 oversized whole wheat chocolate chip cookies on a colorful tray next to a Pols Potten brand ceramic mug with woman painted on the inside holding her nose like she's going under water and the foamy milk on top of the cappuccino right at the same level as her hand pinching her nose on a saucer with a painted bra that's been flung off and a spoon with a pair of underwear on them.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies (One Bowl, No-Mixer)

Forget any notion you’ve ever had about whole wheat or “healthy cookies” and their lack of texture or flavor! This sweet buttery whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe will change your life!  Or at the very least, it’ll have you eating less refined carbs while still enjoying every single thing […]

Baked and cooled strawberry cheesecake crostata di marmellata dessert

Best Ever All-Natural Strawberry Cheesecake Crostata

If you love homemade strawberry cheesecake and Italian crostata di marmellata (jam tart), this is the perfect springtime dessert to make right now. One part strawberry cheesecake and one part Italian strawberry crostata, this easy dessert is a definite crowd-pleaser. There are 3 components: “pasta frolla” which is a very […]

a golden brown lattice-topped strawberry crostata di marmellata with scallop cutouts on top of the lattice and a piece removed from the pie tin

Easy Italian Strawberry Crostata (Crostata di Marmellata di Fragole)

This super delicious Italian strawberry crostata recipe is one of our favorite desserts to eat (or buy from our local pasticceria. But it’s so easy to make you don’t have to live in Italy to enjoy it! In fact, this strawberry dessert is an excellent recipe for beginner bakers and […]

Crostata with lattice top and heart cutouts on a grey linen apron.

Crostata di Marmellata (Authentic Italian Jam Tart w/Video)

Crostata di Marmellata is one of our favorite Italian desserts to eat here in Italy and lucky for us, you can find them just about anywhere! There are two components in this recipe for crostata: ‘pasta frolla’ (a forgiving easy-to-make rich and crumbly shortcrust pastry) and jam. But don’t let the simplicity […]

oversized chocolate chip pecan cookie on a platter

Half-Batch Bakery-Style Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

Ready in just 20 minutes, these café-style soft and chewy chocolate chip pecan cookies are for anyone who doesn’t want the temptation of a whole log of cookie dough hanging out in their fridge (begging to be eaten by the spoonful or baked up hot and warm on a whim […]

swedish meatballs smothered in a pan gravy on top of a bed of white rice

Easy Classic Swedish Meatballs with Cream Gravy (Köttbullar)

This authentic Swedish meatball recipe is ready in just about 35 minutes. Smothered in a rich flavorful cream sauce, these little meatballs pair perfectly with a side of rice or mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam or this 10-minute fruitti di bosco sauce. Plus, they’re a cinch to make — perfect […]

an oval platter of Singapore Mei Fun noodles with shrimp, carrots, cabbage, scallions

20-Minute Singapore Mei Fun Noodles (Shrimp Mei Fun)

A takeout favorite you’ll find on just about every Chinese-American restaurant menu, Singapore noodles couldn’t be easier to make at home. These delicious rice noodles get their bright yellow color (and flavor) from curry powder and are filled with shrimp, eggs, carrots, Napa cabbage, onions, and scallions. Plus, it’s a […]

Dump Truck Cookies on on a parchment-lined baking sheet

Easy Dump Truck Royale Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Compost Cookies)

We’re partial to super soft and chewy in the middle with golden crispy-edges chocolate chip cookies. For this recipe, I’ve added lots of complementary ingredients for added snack food taste and texture — Twix candy bars, peanut M&M’s, a hint of espresso, kettle potato chips, and a chopped Lindt 70% […]

Arkansas Possum Pie decorated on top with whipped cream and toasted pecan halves and chopped pecans

Best Ever Arkansas Possum Pie (100% Made From Scratch)

Possums are known as total fakers playing dead as it suits them when survival’s at stake. So what do this famous Arkansas Possum Pie recipe (also called 4-Layer Delight) from my home state and those real possums with Oscar-worthy acting skills have in common? They both know how to hide […]

Double oreo confetti cookies with halves of oreos in each cookie sticking out in a way that looks like the Oreo is in the cookie's back pocket and sprinkled with non-pareils.

Double Oreo Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies

This is a super soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie with golden crispy edges, covered in crunchy candy sprinkles with Oreo cookie baked right into the cookie dough. We love it and we think you will too. If you’re a fan of Oreos or classic chocolate chip cookies this recipe […]

beautiful shot of the cookies piled on top of each other slightly and the sun shining in through the window on them making them look even more golden

Cookies and Cream Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies

We love this cookie. Super soft and chewy in the middle, golden crispy edges with Double Oreo Flavor and Double Oreo Texture…plus Milk Chocolate — it’s truly a one-of-a-kind cookie. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is easy and flavor wise, hard to top it’s basically a cookie inside of a […]

a parchment lined sheet tray with just baked pan banger chocolate chip cookies with beautiful ridges all the way around multiple times from the middle to the edges like the ripples made when you skip rocks across a pond

Bakery Style Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

This delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe is something you might find at your favorite local coffee shop or bakery and tastes just as great! Wrinkled chocolate chip cookies get their signature look and texture from a fairly rudimentary professional baking technique known as “pan-banging”. And true to their name, […]

a sheet pan lined with white parchment paper with freshly baked sugar cookies with nonpareil sprinkles

Soft and Chewy Bakery Style Sugar Cookies

This is the easiest and best homemade bakery-style sugar cookie recipe EVER! Thin, soft, and chewy sugar cookies sprinkled with crunchy raw sugar for a nice sweet contrast. Buttery soft sugar cookies are perfect any time of year, but they make especially great treats for Christmas holiday baking and snow […]

A stack of 5 strawberry lemon sugar cookies on a vintage wood Venetian tray.

Soft & Chewy Strawberry-Lemon Sugar Cookies

Thin, soft, and chewy sugar cookies get a yummy strawberry-lemon upgrade with homemade strawberry sugar and lemon zest. You don’t even have to chill the dough before you bake them which means they’re perfect for last-minute holiday get-togethers (or a snow day activity with the kiddos). Sugar cookies don’t get […]